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Specialized Services For Personalized Solutions

Whenever there’s a unique challenge or an exception to the rule, Trans-Expedite is ready with a range of custom services that can quickly turn an obstacle into your opportunity. Our specialized services include:

Convention and Trade Show Services: Conventions, trade shows and other events have their own deadlines, processes and specific shipping requirements:

Careful handling of expensive
• Consolidated delivery of large
main-stage and booth displays

• Specific and critical deadline windows
• Direct to show site or advanced freight

At Trans-Expedite, we can transport your exhibit materials safely and reliably. Our experienced staff will help you anticipate the important details surrounding event shipping; from navigating the local streets and loading docks to satisfying labor requirements or security mandates.  

Employee Leasing: Our subsidiary, TEI Employee Leasing, LLC, can provide professional staff to help you respond to growth, seasonal peaks and other fluctuations, saving you the time and expense of implementing your own workforce.

Reverse Logistics: Using our comprehensive Reverse Logistics, we can inventory, consolidate and recycle or redistribute your assets (typically high-value or high-tech equipment, such as computers, printers, machinery, telecom equipment, etc.).  Trans-Expedite’s Reverse Logistics will help you recoup, maximize your initial investments or minimize your carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste.

Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF): To help our clients respond to U.S. Congress-mandated screening measures that are enforced at all U.S. airports, Trans-Expedite is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF). This allows us to screen your freight before delivery to the airport, avoiding potential delays.

White Glove Services: Available independently and in conjunction with our other services, our White Glove Services are the finishing touch to the many custom solutions we offer. Our White Glove Services include:


• Scheduled and custom delivery
• Packing and unpacking
• Assembly and installation
• Packaging removal and disposal
• Residential service
• Lift gate for heavy items
• Special equipment capabilities

Special Project Consulting: For those projects that just don’t fit the mold, we can help you think outside the box. Our team will assist you in outlining your needs and exploring the most cost-effective and time-sensitive options.

When Trans-Expedite was awarded a third-party logistics contract for warehousing, transportation and staff leasing by a Fortune 100 company, we met the deadline within a one-month window.  This included the hiring of 48 employees, the complete implementation and management of a 150,000-square foot facility and the integration of logistics services.